Nothing says more about the quality of Meadowbrook trucks and service than the praise we hear from our happy buyers. They continually applaud us for helping them live their dream of truck ownership or upgrading of their truck. Their appreciation ranges from their smooth delivery experience to how we stand behind our trucks with a comprehensive warranty. Below are compliments from the people who sit behind the wheel of Meadowbrook trucks.

“I am happy, happy, happy! I have been driving for 20 years and Meadowbrook was a blessing and they finally provided me the chance to have a truck of my own and I will not let them down. The payments are reasonable, the equipment is good, and they stand by their warranty 100%. This truck is the best thing to happen to me since I’ve been in the industry.”

Willie B. – Virginia

“The paychecks are a whole lot better when you have your own truck. There are never any surprises at the end of the week like other places I have hauled where you get the check and you’re in the negative according to whomever you’re sharing the truck with. This truck gives me a job and paycheck I can be proud of.”

Derrick J. – South Carolina

“You guys did everything you said you were going to do from when I sent you my application all the way until the delivery and I appreciated that. The closing was an easy process and I was in and out in only two hours. Thank you guys for the truck and chance to run it.”

Marvin H. – North Carolina

“I’m just grateful for the opportunity you provided me to be my own boss and I look forward to making real money with this truck. I couldn’t do much before by splitting 50/50 with another driver. There were a few minor issues I had with the truck at delivery but they were taken care of right away and overall I’m really pleased.”

Tony H. – North Carolina

“The truck is great and I can’t say enough good things about the APU unit on it. I save more money on fuel than I ever have once I flip that thing on and it helps me run more profitably. You guys have been great to work with.”

David S. – Virginia

“Dealing with Meadowbrook was painless and the easiest financing process I have ever gone through. There were no hassles at any point and the truck exceeded my expectations. I had some issues with the truck and the warranty took care of it right away.”

Johnny F. – South Carolina

“The credit approval was quick and easy, but the best things about the program are the low down payment and that the whole buying process just went really smoothly.”

Joshua M. – South Carolina

“Everything was straight forward with no surprises.  If you told me something, you did it. I appreciated that.”

Kevin M. – Illinois

“I had heard good things about Meadowbrook from other drivers and you lived up to the reputation. I have enjoyed my truck and it has allowed me to be profitable as an owner-operator.”

Gerrell W. – North Carolina

“I always am trying to refer people to Meadowbrook. The down payment is very affordable and the trucks are clean. I think it’s a great program for an owner-operator.”

Lenwood D. – North Carolina

“I can’t complain about my experience with Meadowbrook. So far, so good. It is a good “work” truck that allows me to make the money I need.”

Bryant H. – Virginia

“I went to other places to try to get a truck and the financing to go with it and it never seemed to work out which was frustrating. Meadowbrook gave me a chance and the down payment and monthly payments they offer are reasonable and work really well with my budget.”

Steve L. – North Carolina